25 March 2013

In the time of globalization, every country should stress its own identity and culture. Tirana has unique history. Tirana has high mountains, open markets, handmade rugs and eastern tales about flying carpets. Tirana is for sure the city worth visiting. But Tirana is also a bit forgotten place, both by visitors and city authorities. The aim of the design is not only to lift up the level of communication service by giving Tirana full-equipped train station. The aim is to show, and create opportunities to move further in the city, to explore it and let yourself be enchanted. Don’t stay on the station, let’s move to the heart of the city!

13 March 2013

Team work is also creative exploitation of natural conflict that comes with differences in characters, backgrounds, priorities of every part of the group. Sanford Kwinter said that ‘instability is the precondition of creativity’ and it can be successully transferred into team work. Friction , different impacts materialized on various stages, slight changes, which gets the work off course, all those things creates vivacious group system, characterized by difficult to predict work effect but also creativity and inconstancy.

‘Life is a case of maintaining a very delicate structure - ourselves – a significant distance from equilibrium at nearly all times, and at others - in order to evolve, grow and invent - very far from equilibrium indeed.’ /Kwinter


10 March 2013

Metastability is a term which describes the extended duration of certain equilibria acquired by a complex system when leaving its most stable state after an external action. The parameters of such "excited" system may eventually reach and hold stationary values (a metastable state) but then, after a long time, (spontaneously or under a slight external action) parameters will start changing again. Considering the contemporary technological level and multiple scientific insights into natural systems that reflects similar tendencies, it is not hard to imagine an open ended architectural design that across its life span reveals metastable qualities.

1 March 2013

Looking at the aspects of matter self organization, life emergence, evolution, and its extended aspects provided by neuroplasticity of our brains, we begin to see how natural architectures operates. They provide efficient embodiments for energy flow, tracing and redefining system qualities in time. They evolve throughout the trial and error process, providing intensive species heterogeneity. They create flexible solutions, adjustable and sensitive to the environment factors. They are emergent, repetitive, and adaptive across various times scales.

1 March 2013

The contemporary situation, which Guattari doesn’t hesitate to name as an “unprecedently nightmarish historical period” seems to be characterized not only by a deep and wide-spread crisis but also by a lack of hope in the future. This is not simply due to the so called death of ideology, reasons are deeper and more complex. First of all we got used to accept and give for granted the necessity to submit to a single power which can decide for all, in the name of some superior good. We are prisoner of habits, so that we witness the destruction of democracy as something unavoidable. This situation calls louder and louder for a change. A change not only on the surface but a complete redefinition of praxes and models which could enable us to  reorient the actual situation towards a really open-ended future.

The traditional ways and logics have proved to be not flexible enough to embrace and to adapt to the complexity of our present situation. What we introduce here is the ecologic approach which will help us to deal with a variety of different fields and, at the same time, to cast new light on old unsolved problems.


23 March 2012

Journey from South America to United States of America needs a lot of determination from a person to run it despite obstacles. There is nothing that can protect them from hunger and violence, all they have is hope. They travel in the shade to avoid danger. Above all, they need to rest and feel save. It is not about fences and walls but consciousness that they are not alone but there is whole community of people like them.

18 March 2012

Mammalian brains, as all other dynamic systems, are capable of producing embodiments that stands in direct relation with the way in which system itself operates. Neural structure and cortex functional organisation are first and most straight forward outcomes of an information handling processes. Second group of embodiments can be defined by all physical and informational artifacts developed via our mental capabilities. While similarity in the emergence process of previously discussed systems (matter self-organisation, river morphologies, embryos development etc. ) and mentioned neural structure of the brain is obvious - second group of interest requires closer attention to be understood as driven by the same general principles.


15 January 2012

Single family house proposal from CollectiveArchitects. Location: Poland Total Area: 180m2 Investor: Private

betula, house
12 January 2012

Vistula is a main and the the same time biggest Polish river. Despite the fact, that its crossing through main Polish cities, its banks are constituted mainly by natural and virgin environment. This rare phenomenon creates as much potential as controversies across all involved institutions discourse. Contrasting ides for facilitating rivers potential, both those preservative and liberal, consequently reaches the narrow throat of over formalized official procedure. Presented design is a proposition of fragmented and non-invasive architectural intervention at the Vistula’s river bank.


17 December 2012

Relations between forms and the environment are already significant enough when discussing systems, like river morphologies or proto-organic bacteria organisms. Still, much more extended picture is being drawn by the emergence and evolution of living organisms in relation to their environment. It is already at the level of embryological development that relation between characteristic geometrical patterns and cell specialisation is being established in relation to growth environment. There is a strong mutual and complementary relation between information encoded in organism DNA and its virtual potential of being shaped due to external constrains. DNA acts as a set of functions, whose arguments are being dynamically generated along the process of its execution. Genes contains precise but flexible instructions, the execution of which cannot be achieved aside laws of physics and mathematical principles arising from the environment.

24 December 2011

 Collective Architects is attending another competition. This time we were fascinated by Arquine Shelter for the Displaced idea. Read more on organisers website.

30 November 2011

Higher order can be achieved and controlled only due to experience, knowledge, and facilitation. While many forces that drives natural disasters are still beyond our command, it is our duty to respect then, to learn about them and to present their both dark and bright site! Facilitation and distribution of these knowledge requires safe space, the boundary or metaphorical wall to understand how chaos is pre-state of order, and that our civilization is not so different from 4 natural basic elements and their behavior. In the end we are the part of a whole, but to understand this we need to go from chaos, through understanding into appreciation. Then we can reach aether, 5th element that unites all the others.

18 November 2011

 Initial experiment in using SWARM intelligence to negotiate a public traffic space in a dense urban grid.

15 November 2011

“Animation is a term that differs form, but is often confused with motion. While motion implies movement and action, animation implies the evolution of form and its shaping forces; it suggests animalism, animism, growth, actuation, vitality and virtuality. In its manifold implications, animation touches on many of architecture;s most deeply embedded assumptions about its structure. What makes animation so problematic for architecture is that they have maintained an ethnics of statics in their discipline. Because of its dedication to performance, architecture is one of the last modes of thought based on the inert. More than ever its traditional role of providing shelter, architects are expected to provide culture with stasis. This desire for timelessness is intimately linked with interests in formal purity and autonomy. Challenging these assumptions by introducing architecture to models of organization that are not inert will not threaten the essence of discipline, but will advance it.” 

Greg Lynn 

17 December 2012

Driven by the principles of self-organization, energy (here equals matter, equals information), begins to express new organizational and special qualities. Along the way of system growth, new levels of complexity and emergent behaviors are being build up on top of each other. Proprieties from the lower level of organization, while still present in a higher level, generates new emergent qualities. Every form has its genesis at the lowest level, but its evolution has a double articulation character. It is described by linear energy flow increase facilitated by non linear events, that redefines the primer organizational principles of the system, at the thresholds levels of its efficiency.

2 November 2011

School buildings are shaped depending on different attitudes towards children education. What is common to most of them are vivid colors, impulses, complicated forms, used to stimulate pupils imagination and open their minds to different factors. But what if all those determinants don’t work as expected but distract students, because pupils are mentally retarded. Building for those children should be based on simple, commonly known phenomenons that could demonstrate, visualize situations or problems that they are learning about.